Unrooted Leaf Cutting x 1 - Echeveria Nanacan

Unrooted Leaf Cutting x 1 - Echeveria Nanacan

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This listing is for 1 x unrooted leaf cutting.

You will receive a leaf cutting of the plant in the picture.

Our cutting ...
- is carefully removed with a complete leaf that enables the pup to sprout.
- is taken when the mother plant is plump to ensure you receive a healthy leave with more chance of successful propagation.

What you need to do ...
- after receiving the cuttings, lay on well-drained soil and place in a bright location. Please don't bury the end until roots are shooting out.
- Once there are roots, carefully cover them with soil.
- No need to water, as the mother leaf has sufficient water for the pup.

Orders containing only leaf cuttings will be dispatched with 2nd class service via Royal Mail. I'm not able to ship internationally. 

Please note that not every leaf will propagate, but there is nothing like seeing a new plant emerge from the leaf and watching it grow 🥰 Don't believe me, try it for yourself 😉