About Basing Succulents

We sell rare and unusual succulents including plants from Korea. We also sell plant pots for succulents, leaf cuttings, soil and grit and succulent gift sets. So whether you're looking for a rare & exotic echeveria or a bright and colourful graptoveria then Basing Succulents can help!

My Story

Hi I'm Tanita, the owner of Basing Succulents.We are a small online seller of succulent plants, founded in 2020, as my hobby turned into something more!

Before 2018 I didn’t even know what a succulent was! I got my first aloe as a birthday gift in 2019, then some leaf cuttings from eBay and I’ve gone from there to a becoming a complete succulent addict.

I first began selling leaves on Etsy during 2020 and as the lockdown continued my hobby turned into a full time job! 

Our Company

BasingSucculents is a trading name of MountainWell UK Ltd, a registered in England and Wales, company number 12859870.Our privacy policy is available here:

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